Style Icons: Nina Persson of The Cardigans

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Nina Persson.  *love!*

Remember this gal?  In the 90′s I played this CD till it died and I still love long road trips with the Cardigans in the background…

I’m pretty sure every gal has a soft spot for the band after the Baz Luhrmann R+J…

So I got a little giggly when I heard that the Cardigans frontwoman is making her re-debut into the world on a new solo album.  The announcement debuted with the title track Animal Heart last November, and since then one other song – Dream Houses – has been released.

I’m a fan of the title track already…

Nina’s not the baby-faced blondie everyone knew from Lovefool of course.  In the promo for the album there’s something more sultry and sophisticated about her.  She’s debuting a gorgeous, velvety, grown-up sound paired with twinkly, catchy dream-pop.  Sounds like summer picnics and cherry blossoms and the wind in your hair, to me!

The thing I loved about the Cardigans’ lyrics was that the songs were so glamorous – I’d listen to Happy Meal while prepping for a date, like it was some sort of recipe for champagne infused magic. Maybe it wasn’t – but that feeling is so poignant.

After all these years, I’m definitely looking forward to hearing more from her!

Did you love the Cardigans?

Eye Candy – Fluevog Sale

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School’s almost over, and as I told my Twitter pals Cazz and David – I’m rediscovering the internet one “WOW” at a time (obvious doge reference).   And today it’s… Um.  Shoes.

Do you think I can pay for these in dogecoin?

I still say it doesn’t matter how expensive they are – I would totally fork out the dough for a pair of gorgeous shoes, that are super comfortable, that aren’t synthetic, and that will hold up to the test of time.  I mean hey, I’m still regularly rocking my Fleuvog Minnies from like … 10 years ago.

Still working on my transition to being a real human again (and not a student/zombie).  Stay tuned.

In Search of Caribbean-ness

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Right now my brain is tired.  It’s cold, and the days are long and dark.  I’ve got terrible cabin fever and a hankering for hotter climates.  I want sun and beaches where the water is so blue you can see forever.  I want tiny yellow crabs and sand so fine that it’s almost impossible to get rid of.   I want to be in Martinique, with its accras and it’s bizzaro-metropolitan lifestyle; it’s quaint houses stacked on top of one another in Texaco, and it’s winding coastal roads.


I always want to ask people:  When you think of the Caribbean what do you think of?  Do you think of volcanic islands created like a line of tiny scars on the blue of the ocean?  Do you think of the clattering Créole Antillaise that trickles like water down the body of the islands?  Do you think of endangered ecologies and the burden of shipping food to an island that produces very little of its’ own, despite the climate and landscape that would seem to produce the most bountiful food chains?

The Caribbean is a complicated beast and preparing for it is no small feat – especially if you’re going to be there for any amount of time.  You have sun and sand and surf to contend with.  You also have to worry about being terrorized by mosquitoes (and possibly ants).  You may have a bevy of tiny lizards, or crabs, or even a bird or two invade your living space.  You’re going to sweat through everything you wear, even your makeup – no matter how wonderful it works on you in every other scenario.  You are going to give up on thinking about your hair.  You may be served food that, for all the islands’ abundance, is shipped there from distant mother-countries, and you may find dishes you’d never dream of trying at home.  You’re going to want to think about how to get around, lest you end up stuck in Saint Pierre for the  night because the Taxi Collectif stopped running at 5p.  In short, you’re going to learn to adapt, and that, my friends, is one of the best parts of the Caribbean.

Adaptation was one of the most poignant skills learned while in both Martinique and Dominica.  I’m pretty sure I could have adapted forever – lost to the crashing of waves on the beach next to my little “Chalet Suisse”.  I hiked volcanoes, and the Waitukubuli trail.  I drank a lot of cheap Dominican beer and ate starfruit right off the tree.  I bought a pocket knife and used it to cut up mangoes to eat with the fisherman’s 7 year old daughter, who, in turn, taught my friend and I to find and crack open almonds fresh from the tree.  I ate strange stuff – and survived.  I learned it’s easy to be pescatarian, but food is a complicated issue.  I stood in the ocean under torrential downpours, and witnessed a tropical storm and depression first hand.  I went urban spelunking in the ghetto of Texaco, its charm of stacked, low income housing, not lost on me.  I learned to drive like the French, barter like the matadoras, and dance to mazurka and beguine.

I want to write more about the Caribbean but I have no idea where to start.  Let’s crowdsource this.  What do YOU want to know about tropical paradises in the sun?  Lemme know in the comments.

Hello, World!

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Holy aimless title, Batman! Inspired by a Tweet from the always inspiring Jess Estrada, I felt it was high-time I marched into my little corner of the web, dusted out some cobwebs and said “Hey, y’all! What’s up!?”

I know it’s been a long time and I haven’t been around since like… oh… I dunno, Google Reader was still a thing. Which, if you follow blog-mantra, means my site is now outdated and irrelevant!

I don’t really believe in that kinda stuff because while I focus on things that you might enjoy, dear readers, I also do this for me. I have a wealth of new experiences and ideas and adventures to share. I don’t know where I’m going with it, but I appreciate your patience while I get my sh*t straightened out and also maybe write some fun pieces for those who remember my site is actually still around.

A toot sweet!


Women for One Interviews Dr. Maya Angelou

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I’ve been doing a little side work for Women For One, and recently Kelly McNelis had a wonderful interview with Dr. Maya Angelou.

If you’re not a fan of the Women for One movement already, they provide inspiration for global empowerment, surrounding women’s issues. Visit their site at